We treat many conditions and types of pain


When you are experiencing neck pain, back pain, shoulder and arm pain, hand & wrist conditions, elbow, hip, knee and leg, ankle and foot pain, Dr. Siddiqui will assess the pain to determine its origin and design a treatment plan to lead you on the path to a healthier you.


Interventional pain management serves as an alternative to medications and their resulting side effects. This treatment is used to relieve the painful symptoms that may arise from conditions of the spine, shoulder, knee or other joints. A series of therapeutic injections are performed to alleviate pain that interferes with the activities of daily living. Dr. Siddiqui skillfully administers pain relieving injections to treat a variety of medical conditions.

Physical therapy is a form of rehabilitative care that combines prescribed exercises and applications designed to reduce pain, increase muscle strength and flexibility and improve functional capacity for daily living tasks.